Why Sprocket Games?

Hi friends. We’re brand new, so here’s a chance to get to know us. It’s one thing to announce Sprocket Games and let everyone know we exist... let’s talk about why we exist.

We created Sprocket Games to make ambitious, story-worthy games and take excellent care of those who make them.

“Story-worthy” includes the stories we plan to tell... and the stories you tell within the world we build.

We also take excellent care of our people. Game development is creative and improvisational work which requires psychological and personal safety. To that end, Sprocket Games is a place where devs are valued and cared for so they can take moonshot after moonshot and build amazing and innovative things.

Every organization has ideals and values, whether explicit or not. Sprocket Games was created with very specific values in mind:

Diversity, and all the superpowers that it brings

Diversity in experience, perspective and understanding is an irreplaceable attribute of excellent teams. Sprocket Games is a place where Sprocketeers can bring their whole selves to work, and feel secure enough to shoot for the stars with confidence.

Growth, improvement, and iteration

We are a progressive studio built on modern workplace research and a sophisticated software foundation. We routinely challenge the "way things have always been done". We ship lightning fast, embarrassingly early, and impressively often.

Player delight

We seek to deeply understand players... what they need today, and what they dream about for tomorrow. We create the diverse experiences that they deserve and the truly unexpected surprises that keep them excited. We constantly interact with our player community to ensure we are making the game that fits them best.

Efficiency, efficacy and sustainability

We believe in a relentless pursuit of removing distractions and obstacles to unlock our greatest potential. We focus on building the right things, the right way, instead of more things, faster. We

are just as skilled at helping each other disconnect and recharge as we are at connecting and delivering.